Lone Star Showdown – Previewing Minnesota @ Dallas

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At 1-6 there is plenty of blame to go around the Vikings organization for the situation they find themselves in, and yet one player continues to perform (and speak) at a high level… and that’s Defensive End Jared Allen.  Not only will Jared Allen be the key to the Vikings upcoming game at Dallas (more on that in a minute), but he continues to also be the only positive news-story between the enormous losses the Vikings continue to pile up.   To illustrate the point… Let’s briefly review the potential stars of this team and what has become of them this season.    I “googled” key Viking personnel and these stories appeared on their TOP page today:

Owner Zygi Wilf – Zygi Wilf loses suit claiming he used “organized crime-type activities” to scam partners  (City Pages)

GM Rick Spielman – Rick Spielman: If franchise Quarterback isn’t here, we’ll find one (Pioneer Press)

IF, he says!  Let’s consider that…

Failed starting Quarterback Christian Ponder – Christian Ponder puts Minnesota House up for sale (The Viking Age)

Our newly found “Savior” Quarterback Josh Freeman – Josh Freeman’s fall from Grace (Newsday)

Our Star Wide Receiver (acquired from Green Bay), Greg Jennings – Nelson shows Jennings how it’s done (ESPN)

For some, the news took a tragic and very sad turn:  Adrian Peterson –  Adrian Peterson’s son, 2, dies; man charged with abuse (USA Today)

For others like star safety Harrison Smith, it’s medical reasons – Harrison Smith says ‘no timetable’ on foot, hopeful to avoid surgery (ESPN)

Lastly, on the leader of our team Leslie Frazier –  Vikings GM ‘100% behind’ Leslie Frazier, but for how long?  (Pioneer Press)

This leaves us with Jared Allen –whose star-quality is so “lonely” on this team – the Vikings actually sought to TRADE him last week.    WHY would they do that you ask?  When a team is this low it automatically puts them in a forward-thinking mode for future seasons.  If the Vikings were to trade him before the League-mandated deadline (Tuesday Oct 29th) they could have received something in return (like a draft pick).   As it is, Jared Allen’s contract with the Vikings expires after this season and when that happens he most-assuredly will depart for another team…leaving the Vikings with nothing but another hole to fill.   When the Vikings couldn’t trade him this week Jared simply responded with his typical Star mentality –  Vikings’ Jared Allen was open to trade but ‘all in’ rest of season (USA Today)

So… at least we have one guy that has avoided the slumps, season-ending injuries, historically low performances, personal tragedies, drama-queen created soap operas played out in public, blundering franchise-destroying mistakes, and multi-million dollar fines due to ‘organized crime-type activities’…  Whew!

And if that’s not enough, Jared could possibly supply the spark that gives us a chance against the Cowboys in Dallas tomorrow—  Bottom-line, IF Jared Allen can get after Tony Romo early and often…and rattle his cage… that might just be enough to SLOW DOWN the offensive Juggernaut that is the Dallas Cowboys.    Dallas has been scoring a LOT and we have no chance once Romo releases the ball!   Therefore, if Allen can get to him before he starts finding receivers…we might have a chance.   Go Jared!!

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